Bank Fraud Detection Analytics and
Analytics-Based DDOS Defenses for Financial Services Firms

GCX deploys fraud analytic solutions that increase your fraud dollar detection rate by 20% to 67%,  without increasing operational workload.  Our solution integrates readily with most major fraud detection system architectures.  GCX's fraud analytics solutions cover credit and debit card, deposit/DDA, wires, ACH, and online/mobile banking.

Cross-Channel Profiling and Risk Vector Technology.  GCX develops powerful cross-channel profiling and risk vector-based detection analytics by leveraging literally thousands of pieces of information throughout the enterprise.  Our proprietary cross-channel analytics are unique in the industry, customized to each client's characteristics and customers.  This approach delivers compelling business cases for cross-channel fraud analytics.

Risk Management Training for Denial of Service Attacks. GCX has been delivering a comprehensive three-day in-depth technical course on risk management and mitigation for Denial-of-Service (DoS or DDOS) attacks. This course has received excellent reviews from participants at one the very largest banks in the US this year. Click here for more information on DoS Risk Management Training

Denial of Service (DDOS) Risk Management - Detection and Mitigation. DDOS attacks against financial services firms in 2012 have increased significantly. GCX has supported a major bank, in advance of these attacks, in devising risk management strategies for this particular threat at the application level (L7). This includes vulnerability analysis, asset identification, risk analysis, current mitigation capability assessment, defense inventories, detection methods, strategy selection and defense invocation plans, after-action analysis, and capability development and training.

Enhanced Analytics for Existing Systems.  GCX can develop custom analytics to improve the fraud detection performance of your existing systems.  Off-the-shelf models are not calibrated to the characteristics of your customers.  GCX's analytics adapt your systems to provide a 20% to 67% increase in dollar detection rate while keeping operational workloads the same (improvements are based on actual case studies).

Consulting Services

Consulting Services. GCX also offers consulting services to address analytics optimization and remediation, fraud risk management strategy, technology and vendor selection, assessment of current system and operational effectiveness, and fraud risk analyses.